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Enjoy your experience: Adjust your shelter to maximise comfort.

Three Modular Shelters of different sizes

Control Access

Adjust Ventilation

Adjust the ventilation for comfort

Multiple options allow you to change the ventilation to match the climate.

Access options for convenience

Quickly get to what you need.

Customize your shelter

Ready to customize? Start creating your own shelter.

Find out more

More information about how the Modular Shelter System can work for you.

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Choose the components you need. Create your own products - and your own system that is as specialized or as versatile as your adventures demand.
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Some trips or adventures are different to others. Optimize the tent or shelter's performance and comfort by combining different components for different trips.
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Weather and plans change. By changing how the shelter is pitched you can match its performance - and your comfort and security - to the current situation.
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Your shelter should be a home away from home. Highly adjustable ventilation and multiple doors allow you to adjust to your environment and activities.

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Modular Shelter System

The Modular Shelter System is a flexible, versatile and lightweight wilderness shelter. Find out how it can help you on your next adventure.