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Shelter Size

Shelter Size

Being able to adjust the shelter size is a great advantage of the Modular Shelter System. So, how small or big can a shelter be?

First, an open shelter can have from 1 side, up to 7 sides. How much ground that covers – and how much of an open side there is – depends on the length of the pole. Pitching with a shorter pole increases the size of the open side, and decreases headroom – but covers more area.

As the options are almost limitless with an open shelter, the best thing to do is experiment.

Closed shelters are a bit easier to define. The smallest closed shelter has 5 sides, and covers 3.4 m2. The largest has 7 sides, and covers 8.7 m2. There are six other shelter sizes in between.

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MSS System Specifications

Shelter Overview: 5:I, 5:R 6:II shelters

Shelter Overview: 6:I, 6:R, 7:II shelters

Shelter Overview: 7:I, 7:R shelters