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Customize your shelter: choose the components that meet your needs.

Modular Shelter pitched in snow

1. Elements

2. Rain Ceiling™

3. Pole Union™

4. Insect Ceiling™

(not shown)

5. Groundfloor™


Combining different Elements lets you create a different shelter.

  • Single, Double, Triple Elements
    The three Elements. Elements form the roof and walls of the shelter, and they zip together in different combinations to make different shaped shelters. The "Triple" Element has a smaller middle side, making the roof steeper.

Other Components

Customize your shelter further by choosing other components that meet your individual needs.

  • Rain Ceiling fitted to Modular Shelter, with mountains behind
    Rain Ceiling - this folds and attaches to the top of the shelter. It lets in light, fits all shelters and the ventilation can easily be positioned and adjusted at any time

Customize your shelter

Ready to customize? Start creating your own shelter.