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Modular Shelter pitched on snow

Customize your Shelter

Modular made easy.

Specification Table

Single:R Elements1111
Double:R Elements121323
Triple:I Elements12121
Sleeping Capacity12234456
Typical min. weight1430 g1640 g1570 g1770 g1840 g1900 g1970 g2170 g
Floor Area3.4 m24.1 m24.4 m25.3 m26.2 m26.4 m27.5 m28.7 m2
Sitting area with sidewalls1.7 m22.1 m21.9 m22.3 m22.8 m22.2 m22.6 m23.0 m2
Height with sidewalls2.1 m2.1 m1.9 m1.9 m1.9 m1.6 m1.6 m1.6 m
Height without sidewalls1.7 m1.7 m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m1.2 m1.2 m1.2 m