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Quadratic Tent System

Quadratic Tent with snow ridge behind


The versatile mountain tent

Uncountable Adventures. One Tent System.

Choose the components that match your needs
Optimize the pole structure for weight or strength
Create different setups for different trips

Designed by you. For you.

  • Quadratic tent pitched by a lake in high winds

Design it today.
Change it next week.

Everyone’s needs are different. By letting you freely pick every component, the Quadratic™ tent system lets you prioritise what matters to you.
But you’re never stuck with it. Your tent can be optimized for different trips just by bringing different parts together. A super sturdy basecamp tent, a light fly-only shelter, or anything in between.

More than just a tunnel

Tunnel tents set the standard for lightweight high performance tents. But they are vulnerable to side winds, rely heavily on secure peg placements, and can be unstable if not pitched tightly.
The Quadratic™ system features completely unique, optional side poles. These make a “free-standing tunnel” which is stable in any conditions. And they keep the tent secure, stable and quiet even in strong side winds.
Quadratic Winter Inner and Light Outer from inside, with view of mountains

Home away from home

The Quadratic™ system is specified for liveability, not just durability. Two vestibules, multiple ways to use the doors, and all-weather vents provided ventilation and access in any weather.
Inside, the inner tents feature plenty of insect mesh, seam sealed bathtub floors, and stash pockets for doors, side pockets for valuables and ceiling pockets for lights.

Free choice of components

Customize the weight, strength and comfort of your Quadratic tent.

Choose an outer tent, main poles and few pegs to create a weatherproof tent. Select an inner tent or groundfloor for comfort. Add optional poles to increase the strength and stability of the tent.

Graphic explaining components of the Quadratic Tent System

Optional Side and Top Poles

The heart of the Quadratic™ Tent System, the side and top poles make the tent strong, versatile and quiet.

  • Illustration of Quadratic Tent showing all poles
    The Quadratic tent system features optional poles. The side poles (green) and top pole (blue) increase the strength of the tent and make it quieter and more stable. Except for the vestibules, the tent is self supporting.

Practical Design. Superior Materials.

Integrated Pitching – pitch quickly keeping the inner tent dry
Pole sleeves in fly for fast pitching and exceptional wind resistance
Double Silicone coated fly materials for superb tear resistance
Durable and lightweight Easton® aluminium and carbon fibre poles
High quality YKK® zips and Duraflex® buckles

Customize your tent

Ready to customize? Start creating your own Quadratic™ tent.

Easton® is trademark of Easton Technical Products. YKK® is a trademark of YKK Corporation. Duraflex® is a trademark of Duraflex Hong Kong Ltd.