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Modular Shelter System

Modular Shelter pitched on snow


The flexible shelter

Adaptable. Versatile. Strong.

From 1 to 6 people.
Pitch to suit the terrain and weather.
Superior materials for durability in difficult conditions.

Modular Shelter System – the single poled shelter that can do it all.

  • Modular shelter pitched on a hillside with sidewalls inside.

Shelter. Systemized.

Your trips are different – different places, different people, different times of year. Finally a shelter that can keep up with all those changes.
Create the optimal shelter. Adjust the size by adding elements, then optimise for ventilation, internal space, rain protection or wind stability when pitching.

A pyramid. With walls.

Standard pyramid shelters have limited space near the edges, yet also can’t seal well to the ground. The versatile sidewalls of the modular shelter system give four different pitching options.
Walls standing creates more space. Roll them up for ventilation. In bad weather, pitch with the walls on the ground – outside under snow or rocks for stability, inside in the rain.

Built to perform.
Again and again.

A wilderness shelter isn’t much use if you can’t rely on it. So we designed and specified the Modular Shelter System with durability in mind.
Incredibly tear-resistant 40D double silicone coated nylon. Hypalon to distribute stresss at the corner. YKK zips. All details to help you sleep easier.

System Highlights

Just some of the features that make the Modular Shelter System unique.

  • 3x Shelters Plan
    Three Modular Shelters. 5R, 6R, 7R. The different shapes are made by combining different numbers of Elements. In this case, all the shelters use the regular Elements, the Single Element and Double Element.

Customize your shelter

Ready to customize? Start creating your own shelter.