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Optimize your shelter: combine different components for different trips.

Open shelter used during a daywalk

Optimize Shelter Size

Pitch as open or closed shelter

Optimize the size of your shelter

Change the elements to change the size.

  • 5R shelter converts to a 6R Shelter
    Adding a Single Element to a 5R shelter makes it a 6R shelter. The sleeping capacity goes up from two people to four people.

Open shelters for ultra-light weather protection

Use one or two elements as lightweight weather protection.

  • Open Shelter set up with one Double Element
    A Double Element pitched as an open shelter. One or more elements can be pitched to form an open wind and rain break. By adjusting the height, the shelter can be made taller and more enclosed left and right. This kind of shelter can be used together with a bivy bag, or as a lightweight emergency or lunch shelter.

Customize your shelter

Ready to customize? Start creating your own shelter.