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Quadratic™ Tent System receives “Buying Tip” from “Outdoor Magazin”

Quadratic Tent, with Outdoor Magazin Kauf-Tipp Logo

“Outdoor”, a leading German magazine has awarded the Quadratic™ Tent their “Buying Tip” in their February 2019 Issue. Some of their comments (translated) include:

Already without both side poles (300 g) it looks good, with them – like a rock in the surf. Continuous rain and wind have no chance.

Very spacious inner tent for two with generous length and sitting area. Very easy to ventilate, many storage compartments. Sufficiently large vestibules with, two entrances.

Easy to set up with a little practice (inner / outer tent are coupled). To open the zips you have to reach into the vestibules, otherwise top handling.

Durable materials, outer tent seams must be sealed.

Outdoor Magazin summarises:

With the Quadratic, The Theory Works offers an innovative, individually configurable all-rounder with terrific value for money.


See the full score card (in German)

Review of the Quadratic™ Tent on

Sven at has been testing the Quadratic tent system. He tested the Quadratic Light Outer and Quadratic Winter Inner, together with Quadratic Expedition poles. Sven comments on the components, setup and practicalities of the tent. Here are some of his comments (translated):

Overall, the Quadratic tent system left a very good impression. The processing of the individual components is excellent and the system generally well thought out.

No matter which combination you choose, the price is quite fair for the offered quality and the unique modularity. If you travel a lot in different regions and / or in all seasons, such a flexible tent system could certainly be worthwhile.

To find out more about Sven’s test, you can read his review (in German) here.

(image copyright Freiluft Blog)

Modular Shelters made easy

Modular Shelter System 6:R Shelter

Modular Shelters are extremely flexible, but how do know which components you need to make the shelter you want?

We have made it as simple as possible with our new shop section “Configured Shelters”. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the shop section “Configured Shelters”
  2. Open the specification table to find out which shelter you need
  3. Click on the appropriate Configured Shelter in the list
  4. Add any accessories you want to add by clicking on “Change”
  5. When everything is right, add the selection to the basket

All the essential components are already selected, and can’t be changed. All the essential and optional components are added in one click to the basket. If you want additional components that are not listed, just add the configured shelter to the basket first, and browse for the additional components you need.

So far, we have made a configured shelter page for all the regular shelters. The irregular shelters will be coming soon.

We hope this new feature makes it much easier to configure your shelter – but if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

Away from the office again!

Between Saturday 7th November and Sunday 6th December 2015 we won’t be shipping any orders. If you place an order during this time, it should ship in the following week. During this time you can still contact us by email, so if you have any questions or comments please drop us a line.

The Theory Works® takes a break

The Theory Works® is taking a break for about a week. Between Friday 15th May and Sunday 24th May 2015 we won’t be shipping any orders. If you place an order during this time, it should ship in the following week. If you have an urgent enquiry, best send us an email – and we will try to get back to you. Have a great week!

New “How to” section, starting with how to pitch a closed modular shelter

Modular shelter pitched on snow, with open sidewall.

We have added a new section on our website called “How to”. In this area, you will find slide shows with instructions on how to assemble and use our products. Simply use the arrows, keyboard, or the buttons under the show to step through the instructions at your own pace.

First up is a step-by-step overview of how to pitch a closed modular shelter, perfect for anyone new to the system. More detailed guides about specific situations and products are underway. Send us an email if you have any comments!

Modular Shelter System Review – Outdoor Magazin

Outdoor Magazin Review - Oct 2014

German outdoor guru Frank Wacker and his colleagues tested the modular shelter system during the summer – their results are in the November issue of the Outdoor Magazin. On test was the 6:R Shelter, which consists of three double elements and is suitable for four persons and gear.

In his review, Frank introduces the different components of the system, and how they can be combined to make a variety of shelters.

From a subset of the test shelter, Frank built an on open tarp-like shelter, which he says “protects much better against nasty weather than a classic tarp, because it consists of vertical side walls that can be folded inside for further protection”. He also notes that the 2.4kg Shelter can be reduced in weight if the vent props are left behind, and a tarp suitable for 4-5 people can be reduced to a weight of about 900g.

Verdict: [adventurous outdoor users] get a versatile, high quality, thoroughly thought through single-walled shelter for a reasonable price.

Julian M comments:

I am thrilled by the concept and implementation of the shelter. It’s fun to try out so many different configurations. I was looking forward to trying it out and already ordered additional components.
The yellow fabric did not attract insects and I tell you, there were lots around at the weekend. The colour is really pleasing when you are inside the shelter.
– Julian M.

German podcast station “Outdoor Spirit” features Modular Shelter System

The German podcast of “Outdoor Spirit” featured the Modular Shelter System in their July 2014 recording. Rene Saathoff and his friend Robert Link were introducing the system to its listeners and discussed various uses. We have already fulfilled their request for illustrations showing sleeping capacities for different shelters. The shelter is featured in the podcast between 09:13 and 19:45 mins. Thanks to Robert and Rene for an inspiring report!

Listen to the podcast (new window)