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Modular Shelter System Review – Outdoor Magazin

Outdoor Magazin Review - Oct 2014

German outdoor guru Frank Wacker and his colleagues tested the modular shelter system during the summer – their results are in the November issue of the Outdoor Magazin. On test was the 6:R Shelter, which consists of three double elements and is suitable for four persons and gear.

In his review, Frank introduces the different components of the system, and how they can be combined to make a variety of shelters.

From a subset of the test shelter, Frank built an on open tarp-like shelter, which he says “protects much better against nasty weather than a classic tarp, because it consists of vertical side walls that can be folded inside for further protection”. He also notes that the 2.4kg Shelter can be reduced in weight if the vent props are left behind, and a tarp suitable for 4-5 people can be reduced to a weight of about 900g.

Verdict: [adventurous outdoor users] get a versatile, high quality, thoroughly thought through single-walled shelter for a reasonable price.