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Expedition Guy Cord 8 pack, 2.2 mm

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Pack of 8 “expedition length” 3 m long guy cords with Line-Lok® cord locks, perfect for a Quadratic™ tent. The 2.2 mm high strength polyester cord has excellent abrasion resistance.

High Vis Yellow cord is fluorescent – it absorbs UV and emits it as visible light. This makes the cord appear to glow in the twilight hours.

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High quality guy cords are a good way to ensure your tent survives fierce winds. This pack of 8 expedition guy cords is reliable and easy to adjust in all conditions. The extra long 3 m guy cords further improve tent stability, and are perfect for camping on snow and base camps. In these conditions, the extra length can also be used to attach to buried anchors or to tie to large items.

Specially woven for The Theory Works®, this cord uses a high quality 100% polyester core and sheath. The sheath is woven very tightly for maximum abrasion resistance against tent pegs and snow anchors. It is also highly resistant to damage from hook and loop tape. Polyester absorbs practically no water, so the cords will not slacken or tighten with changes in weather.

Line-Lok® cord locks provide excellent locking performance, and are simple to adjust even in extreme conditions.

Guy cords work best when they are as long as possible. Longer cords hold the tent better from sideways wind blasts, and pegs are less likely to pull out. For Quadratic™ tents, we recommend 2 sets of guy cords in extreme conditions, so that the upper and lower cord attachment points can both be used.



  • 8x 3 m long guy cords
  • 8x Line-Lok® cord adjusters


  • Light, non-stretch and very abrasion resistant cord
  • Easy to use and very reliable cord adjusters
  • Extra Long 3 m length is perfect for base camps, expeditions and extreme weather


  • Polyester kernmantel cord, with very tightly woven sheath
  • Injection moulded Nylon


  • Cord Length: 3 m
  • Cord 8x 3 m: 80 g (approx. 10 g per cord)
  • Line-Loks® 8x: 8 g (approx. 1 g per cord lock)
  • Total 8x guy cords with Line-Loks®: 88g (approx. 11g per guy cord)


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