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Customizable 7:R / 6:R / 5:R Shelter

From:  250.00 incl. VAT


The 7:R Shelter has seven sides, and sleeps up to six people. Lightweight and robust, it is designed to be pitched with two trekking poles (not included) joined with the optional Pole Union™. Alternatively, a telescoping tarp pole can be used.

These components can also be used to make a 5:R or 6:R shelter. The 5:R shelter has five sides and sleeps up to two people, the 6:R sleeps up to four.

The Elements form the sides of a Modular Shelter. Each Element has a zip along each edge of the roof, to attach other Elements. The zips also can be used as doors, to enter or exit the shelter. The Elements can be separately used as lightweight wind shelters, or extra Elements can be inserted to increase the size of the shelter.

The shelters also feature sidewalls, which can attach to adjacent sidewalls using hook and loop tape. Removable sidewall poles are included. By using the sidewalls in different configurations, a Modular Shelter can be pitched in four different ways, to suit the local conditions.

Each Element includes an adjustable rainproof side vent with insect mesh. The aluminium props can be removed if desired to save weight. At the top, the Rain Ceiling™ seals rain out and provides high level ventilation.

On this page, the essential components are already selected. Check to see what accessories you need, and add them as necessary. When finished clicking “Add to Basket” will add all the components and accessories to the basket as a single item.

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  • 7 sided modular shelter, regular shape, sleeping up to six people, or
  • 6 sided modular shelter, regular shape, sleeping up to four people, or
  • 5 sided modular shelter, regular shape, sleeping up to two people
  • Elements can be separated to be carried or used separately as open shelters
  • Sidewalls can be used to make shelter taller, or as snow flaps or ground flaps
  • Low and high level ventilation
  • Pole not included – use two telescoping trekking poles with the optional Pole Union™, or a telescoping tarp pole

Main fabric

40D Ripstop nylon, Silicone coated both sides, minimum 2,000 mm hydrostatic head

Reinforcing fabric


Shelter Details

Single:R Elements11
Double:R Elements233
Triple:I Elements
Sleeping Capacity246
Typical min. weight1640 g1840 g2170 g
Floor Area4.1 m26.2 m28.7 m2
Sitting area with sidewalls2.1 m22.8 m23.0 m2
Height with sidewalls2.1 m1.9 m1.6 m
Height without sidewalls1.7 m1.5 m1.2 m

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