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Shelter Capacity: Specifications Updated

We had lots of people asking us for more information about how many people fit into each type of closed shelter. So to help clarify things, we’ve added a shelter capacity illustration to each shelter specification, so you can see how a sleeping adult fits within the shelter.

5:R Shelter Capacity - 2 people7:R Shelter Capacity - up to 6 peopleFor sleeping capacity, we follow the ISO 5912 standard. The capacity is as many standard sized “sleeping adult” profiles fit into the interior of the tent. Although this standardised method makes a lot of sense, it does still need a bit of interpretation:

In small shelters – especially a polygonal shelter with a central pole – there can be significant left-over space, for backpack, dinner, board-games, whatever. So the stated capacity can be quite a comfortable and practical scenario.

In large shelters, it is easier to “sardine” in many sleeping people. The proportion of left over space can be rather small. So the stated shelter capacity might be an “emergency” capacity, rather than something you’d want to plan for.

In any case, it makes sense to look at the pictures, and also check some of the other details like the sitting area, to see what will be the best shelter for your next trip.