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Quadratic™ Carbon Side Pole

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A single side pole (optional) for a Quadratic™ tent. Using the most advanced pole technology available, Easton® Custom Carbon pole sections are ultra light, but suitable for severe conditions.

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A single side pole for a Quadratic™ tent. One or more side poles (366 cm) can be optionally used to make a Quadratic™ tent stronger – and self supporting. The side pole tensions the tent from end to end, so the end pegs only need to support the vestibule. The side pole also makes the tent very stable in side winds, by tensioning the side fabric and supporting the main poles.

The pole is made from Easton® Custom Carbon sections – developed for applications where weight and strength are both critical. The pole sections are a specially developed multi-layer carbon fibre composite. This makes the poles stiff enough for wind stability but also gives the ability to flex in extreme gusts.

Quadratic™ tents have a sleeve for side poles on each side of the tent. Two side poles are normally used, one on each side. To save weight, just one side pole can be used (on the windward side). The side poles do not need to be the same type. In extreme side winds, two side poles can be fitted to one side.



  • A single side pole for a Quadratic™ tent
  • Extremely light, for weight-concious trips and expeditions


  • Easy-to-read length label


  • 8.8 mm diameter carbon fibre poles, ultra light but strong enough for extreme conditions
  • Easton® Custom Carbon sections. A proprietary multi-layer carbon construction for ultralight extreme performance.


  • 1x 366 cm side pole: 152 g
  • Folded length approximately 50 cm


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