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Sil Net Silicone Seam Sealer

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Fabrics with silicone coatings on both sides cannot be sealed with hot seam tapes, or with sealants designed for PU coatings. Sil Net seam sealer from McNett can be used to completely waterproof the seams on silicone coated nylon shelters and tents.

  • Sil Net is designed specifically for sealing fabrics with silicone coatings on both sides
  • Suitable for use with Single:R, Double:R and Triple:I Elements
  • Sil Net can also be used as a glue to adhere patches of silicone coated fabric over minor damage
  • The 28g tube comes with a brush cap which can be used to work the sealant into the seam
  • Coverage varies depending on how liberally the sealant is applied
  • One 28g tube of Sil Net typically covers 4-5 sides (e.g. 2x Double:R and 1x Single:R)
  • Not for use on PU coated fabrics