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BMC Summit Magazine features The Theory Works®

Summit Magazine - giveaway of products from The Theory Works®

The latest issue of the BMC Summit Magazine features a giveaway offer on page 18. The feature includes picture of a 6:R shelter, with the sidewalls partly raised for ventilation. They say:

New from The Theory Works is a re-imagining of what an outdoor shelter could be. Taking the basic architectural units of a roof and a wall, they’ve created an integrated, modular shelter system that allows you to create different shelters for different occasions. Doing a wet day walk? Throw a few components of the system in your bag and set up a roof with a view. Going wild camping with six people? Build a cooking shelter or even a whole dining room. With a wide range of components and the ability to upgrade over time, the Shelter System looks a good fit for backpacking enthusiasts and groups.