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Customizable Quadratic™ Light Tent

Why carry more than you need? This page helps you select lightweight components, making your backpack lighter. And don’t worry, these components will still take some serious weather in their stride.


This page helps you customize a light weight Quadratic™ tent. The outer tent is already chosen; select the inner tent and pole options to make the light tent that suits your trips.

The Quadratic™ Light Outer is the right choice for the outer tent. With light but strong 30D double silicone coated nylon, and a weight-optimised door, it provides excellent weather protection for a very modest weight.

The best inner tent to use will depend on temperatures and insects. The minimalist approach (when insects are not an issue) is the Quadratic™ Groundfloor™, which provides a dry sleeping surface which pitches together with the outer tent. For insect protection, the Quadratic™ Summer Inner has an upper canopy of insect mesh to allow maximum ventilation and and insect free interior. And for cold conditions or all-year usage, the Quadratic™ Winter Inner seals out cold breezes.

To save weight with the main poles, we recommend the Quadratic™ Nanolite Pole Set. Even more weight can be saved by selecting the Quadratic™ Carbon Pole Set. This uses Easton® Custom Carbon pole sections, together with Easton® arch connectors to make a very strong, but very light pole set.

If the tent also needs to perform well in side winds, use one or two side poles. The Quadratic™ Carbon Side Pole is light but provides good support to the side of the tent, protecting the poles and reducing wind movement and noise.

Guy Cords are highly recommended to add stability to the tent, especially if the side poles are not being used on a trip. In very strong winds without side poles, two sets of guy cords will provide better protection for the main poles.

On this page, we have pre-selected the outer tent. Choose the inner tent, main poles, side poles and guy cords you want. When finished clicking “Add to Basket” will add all the components and accessories to the basket as a single item.
If you want to add components not listed on this page you can find them here.

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