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Pre-configured Quadratic™ Tent

Too many choices? Buying a gift? Just want a tent? A completely pre-configured tent – that you can customize with extra components at any time in the future.


This page has a pre-configured tent – there is nothing to choose – apart from the guy cord colour! We did this to make it easier for people who aren’t sure what they want, or who just want a sensible, balanced starting point. This tent will do most things very well.

The Quadratic™ Light Outer is a great choice for the outer tent. With light but strong 30D double silicone coated nylon, and a weight-optimised door, it provides excellent weather protection for a very modest weight. Normally, the inner and outer pitch together, so that even in a storm, the tent is up in just a few minutes, without the inner getting wet. But like all Quadratic™ tents, the outer tent can be pitched without an inner tent for lightweight trips.

For the inner tent, the Quadratic™ Winter Inner seals out cold breezes, but has plenty of ventilation through the doors. It can also be pitched without the outer tent in warm weather -while still providing privacy. The outer tent can easily be clipped on in the evening or if rain threatens.

The durable Quadratic™ Expedition Pole Set is a perfect for this tent. Easton® Expedition Aluminium poles are both strong and durable, and are reliable for beginners and experts alike.

Guy Cords are included – these protect the poles from side winds, and reduce the movement and noise from the tent in the wind.

Again – although this tent is pre-configured, it can be customized. The inner tent can be pitched alone, and the outer tent can be used by itself. Additional parts of the Quadratic™ system can be added to your collection at any time. For example: add a side pole to increase wind resistance, a mesh inner tent for summer trips, or an outer tent designed for snow camping.

On this page, we have pre-selected all the components. Clicking “Add to Basket” will add all the components and accessories to the basket as a single item.
If you want to add components not listed on this page you can find them here.

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