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Quadratic™ Light Outer

 230.00 incl. VAT

Saving weight without compromises, the Quadratic™ Light Outer uses a lighter fabric, smaller rear vestibule, and specially designed doors to cut weight. The Quadratic™ pole system still provides exceptional bad-weather performance.

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The Quadratic™ Light Outer is a waterproof outer tent. Lightweight and dependable it is perfect as a sturdy three season mountain tent, and a lightweight option for winter.

Three poles (available separately) are needed to pitch the tent. One or two optional side poles can be added to make the middle of the tent free standing, and to provide superb resistance to side winds. Adding a top pole further stiffens the tent, and in heavy snows limits snow buildup and enhances ventilation.

The Quadratic™ Light Outer can be pitched by itself, or with a Groundfloor™ or Inner Tent. The Quadratic™ system allows either the inner or outer tent to be pitched first, or both to be pitched together in one quick operation.

One large and one smaller vestibule create plenty of space for gear storage and entry and exit. The doors open from the top or bottom, which allows easy access even if the end of the vestibule is buried in snow.

The top of each door forms a vent which can catch even gentle breezes, or can be sealed shut. Two all-weather vents are designed to be left open in almost any weather.



  • Waterproof outer tent for the Quadratic™ tent system
  • Perfect for three seasons, and usable as a lightweight winter tent
  • Pitches with 3 poles (not included) plus up to 3 optional poles
  • Pitch alone, or with a Quadratic™ inner tent or Groundfloor™


  • Part of the Quadratic™ tent system; combine different components for different conditions
  • Sleeve for optional side poles (Quadratic™ Inner Tent or Groundfloor™ also needed for side poles)
  • Fittings for optional top pole
  • One large and one small vestible, both with doors that open forwards or to one side. Door opens from the top if needed
  • Two all-weather vents with insect mesh
  • Two sealable end vents above the doors
  • Closed end pole tunnels for simple pitching by one person
  • Lightweight cord tension adjusters at tent ends


  • 30D Ripstop nylon 66, Silicone coated both sides, minimum 2000 mm hydrostatic head
  • Insect mesh at all-weather vents
  • Hypalon reinforcing at closed pole ends
  • YKK Zips


  • Outer tent including cord end tensioners 1040 g
  • Main Pole straps 85 g
  • Top Pole strap 39 g
  • Compression stuff sac 59 g
  • Total enclosed area 4.9 m2
  • 3.85 m x 1.6 m x 1.15 m (length x width x height)



  • Waterproof outer tent (tent fly)
  • Removable top pole strap
  • Removable main pole straps (not needed with Quadratic™ inner tent or Groundfloor™)
  • Compression stuff sac big enough for a complete tent
  • McNett Sil-Net seam sealant

Not included – needed to pitch

  • End poles (pre-curved, 270 cm), 2x
  • Middle pole (pre-curved, 310 cm), 1x
  • Pegs to suit ground, 4x minimum

Not included – other system components

  • Guy ropes (strongly recommended) – stabilise the poles in wind, 6x minimum
  • Inner tent or Groundfloor™ – improved comfort, allows use of side poles
  • Side poles – makes middle part of tent freestanding, greatly improves wind stability
  • Top pole – improves tent stability and resistance to heavy snow fall
  • Mezzanine™ – this gear loft provides extra storage in the top of the tent