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Triple:I Element

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The Triple:I Element forms three sides of a Modular Shelter. Triple elements create an irregular shaped tent – as the sides are smaller than regular sides.  Using triple elements gives sizes in-between the regular shaped shelters, and can be more space-efficient.

The Triple:I Element has a zip along each edge of the roof.  These zips attach to other Shelter Elements to form a shelter.  The zips also can be used as doors, to enter or exit the shelter.

The Triple:I Shelter also features sidewalls, which attach to adjacent sidewalls using hook and loop tape.  Removable sidewall poles are included.  Using the sidewalls in different configurations, a Modular Shelter can be pitched in four different ways, to suit the local conditions.

The Triple:I Element includes an adjustable rainproof side vent with insect mesh.  The aluminium prop can be removed if desired to save weight.



  • Three sided element for modular shelter system
  • Zips to other elements to form an open or closed shelter
  • Irregular shape: makes an enclosed shelter smaller and lighter while maintaining head room
  • Regular shape

Main fabric

40D Ripstop nylon, Silicone coated both sides, minimum 2,000 mm hydrostatic head

Reinforcing fabric



664 g (including vent prop and sidewall poles)

Included Accessories

Vent Prop, 9g
3x Sidewall Poles, 18g each