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Modular Shelter System components

The modular shelter system consists of a number of different components, that can be combined in different ways to create different kinds of shelters. This lets you design your own shelter, and modify it for every trip.

Modular Shelter System Elements

Elements are the core components of the modular shelter system. Available in three sizes, the Elements form the roof and sides of a shelter.

An open shelter can made with just one element. Several Elements can be connected together with zips and hook-and-loop tape to form any kind of shelter.

Each element has a top-ring to attach it to the pole, hook-and-loop tape to attach the Rain Ceiling™ and Insect Ceiling™, and a double flap over the zip. It is also already fitted with storm guys and sidewall guys, and has a insect protected adjustable vent. The sidewalls provide numerous pitching options.

Elements come in three different sizes. The Single:R element provides one side of a shelter, the Double:R element provides two sides. The Triple:I element provides three sides, but sides are smaller, creating a smaller, weight efficient shelter with steeper sides. Different combinations of elements can create up to eight different sizes of shelter.

Pole Union™

The Pole Union™ is designed to firmly connect any pair of adjustable walking poles together by the handles. Each handle is inserted through a strap, and into a pocket. The straps are then tightened and locked. This creates an easily adjustable, long centre pole, eliminating the need to carry separate tent poles.

The Pole Union™ also provides a storage space for tent pegs (in the longer pocket) and the Insect Ceiling™ (in the shorter pocket).

Rain Ceiling™

When making a closed shelter, the top of the shelter needs to be sealed from rain, but also provide ventilation. The Rain Ceiling™ makes it possible to use one component for any size of shelter. Attaching with hook and loop tape, it provides a clear view of the sky and multiple vents.

Insect Ceiling™

Insects can be a major pain with tarps or other open shelters. The modular shelter system provides a tiny, lightweight and simple solution. The Insect Ceiling™ is an easy-to-attach insect mesh for the top vent which fits any size of closed shelter.


Groundfloors™ are available in three different sizes; five, six and seven sides. No matter which combination of elements are used (including the Triple:I element with the smaller sides), each Groundfloor™ is a perfect fit for a shelter with the same number of sides.

Reducer Sacs

Reducer Sacs are perfect for storing other Modular Shelter System components. Adjustable in size, they can be easily attached to the outside of a backpack when the shelter is wet, or backpack space is at a premium.


Pegs are almost always needed to pitch a shelter. Pegs from The Theory Works can be chosen to optimise cost, small packed size, or strength. When are pegs not necessary? Rocks can be used to hold the sidewall guys when pitched with the sidewalls rolled up. Or when pitched with the sidewalls on the ground outside, rocks or snow can be used to hold the bottom of the shelter in position.