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Modular Shelter System Review – Outdoor Magazin

Outdoor Magazin Review - Oct 2014

German outdoor guru Frank Wacker and his colleagues tested the modular shelter system during the summer – their results are in the November issue of the Outdoor Magazin. On test was the 6:R Shelter, which consists of three double elements and is suitable for four persons and gear.

In his review, Frank introduces the different components of the system, and how they can be combined to make a variety of shelters.

From a subset of the test shelter, Frank built an on open tarp-like shelter, which he says “protects much better against nasty weather than a classic tarp, because it consists of vertical side walls that can be folded inside for further protection”. He also notes that the 2.4kg Shelter can be reduced in weight if the vent props are left behind, and a tarp suitable for 4-5 people can be reduced to a weight of about 900g.

Verdict: [adventurous outdoor users] get a versatile, high quality, thoroughly thought through single-walled shelter for a reasonable price.

German podcast station “Outdoor Spirit” features Modular Shelter System

The German podcast of “Outdoor Spirit” featured the Modular Shelter System in their July 2014 recording. Rene Saathoff and his friend Robert Link were introducing the system to its listeners and discussed various uses. We have already fulfilled their request for illustrations showing sleeping capacities for different shelters. The shelter is featured in the podcast between 09:13 and 19:45 mins. Thanks to Robert and Rene for an inspiring report!

Listen to the podcast (new window)

Adventure Travel Magazine: “Intriguing”

Adventure Travel Magazine feature - Jul/Aug 2014

The July 2014 issue of Adventure Travel Magazine features the Modular Shelter System from The Theory Works®. They comment:

This piece of kit really is the dog’s danglies when it comes to customisable shelters, and while the pack size will depend on the number of elements you use, we found that fitting the elements for a closed, two-man shelter in our rucksack was easy.

Trekking Magazin (Germany) feature Modular Shelter System

Trekking Magazin features The Theory Works®
In the May-June 2014 issue of Trekking Magazin, The Theory Works® appears in the Ausrüstung (equipment) section. They say:

The modular System allows users to create their individual shelter. Single or multiple elements can, in combination with trekking poles, be used as a tarp or function as a tipi for up to six people. Integrated sidewalls provide extra interior space. In bad weather conditions, the walls can be folded down to allow better weather protection.

Modular Shelter System in Scottish Mountaineer Magazine

Scottish Mountaineer May 2014 features The Theory Works®
The Theory Works® appears in the Gear News section of the Scottish Mountaineer, on page 73. Describing the Modular Shelter System, they note:

The system consists of a selection of components that can be assembled to form an easy-to-pitch wind break, a semi enclosed weather shelter, or a single walled tent, using two connected adjustable trekking poles as a centre pole.

A wide variety of sizes and heights are possible when pitching an open shelter. A closed shelter can vary from 3.4m2 to 8.7m2, sleeping up to six people. The integrated sidewalls maximise useable internal space, or they can be laid flat and used as snow flaps or sod cloths. Full storm flaps, side vents, adjustable peak ventilation and guy lines are included.

BMC Summit Magazine features The Theory Works®

Summit Magazine - giveaway of products from The Theory Works®

The latest issue of the BMC Summit Magazine features a giveaway offer on page 18. The feature includes picture of a 6:R shelter, with the sidewalls partly raised for ventilation. They say:

New from The Theory Works is a re-imagining of what an outdoor shelter could be. Taking the basic architectural units of a roof and a wall, they’ve created an integrated, modular shelter system that allows you to create different shelters for different occasions. Doing a wet day walk? Throw a few components of the system in your bag and set up a roof with a view. Going wild camping with six people? Build a cooking shelter or even a whole dining room. With a wide range of components and the ability to upgrade over time, the Shelter System looks a good fit for backpacking enthusiasts and groups.